Hardcover, paperback and much more

We produce all types of bindings observing the highest quality standards. We are capable to address all sort of projects and graphic products. We have state-of-the-art machinery to address the whole binding process: gathering, folding, cutting, sewing, cover production and case binding. In addition, we can reach a wide range of sizes, both in paperback and hardcover books.

Volume is not an issue

We have the means and the ends to fulfil all types of orders. Our figures reflect that we have bound over 15 million books a year, and yet we are still capable of increasing our production levels while maintaining the best quality standards both in paperback and hardcover products.


Hardcover binding

Either with or without dust jacket, or Flexibook, our process is completely automated at all stages.



Sewn, notch and PUR binding, with flaps, staple, wire-o and spiral binding.


Multiple format machinery for either single or double production.


Multiple format machinery for either single or double production.



Two gathering and sewing lines with optical signature control.



We have three fully automated guillotines that guarantee maximum precision in cutting.